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  Web hosting can be described as the service that allows the internet user to store any sort of information in the form of raw data, images, audio or video. Basically, any content that is accessible via web. The computer on which your graphics, html files etc reside is known as web host and the process of doing so is called web hosting. The main function of any web hosting company is to provide internet connectivity and a space on their server to the clients for storage of their data.
SGI Advanced Informations Systems L.L.C. offers web hosting solutions on Linux, Windows NT/Windows 2000 platform on our powerful servers located in United Arab Emirates.
Our main focus is providing Shared Hosting though we also, provide dedicated servers solutions. The services provided on both Linux and Windows NT servers include amongst others like Virtual Web Servers, Mega Web Server, Corporate Server, Dedicated Linux/NT server, and Name Server. Apart from this, we provide Database/SQL and ASP/ASP.NET/ JSP, Java servlet support. SGI Advanced Informations Systems L.L.C. is also an Application Service Provider offering the customer utility services like Web-based email, Bulletin Board Services, Newsletter subscriptions, Chat services, Search Engine optimization (optimization) and detailed site monitoring and record.
  We provide the following services:
  • Registration of Domains
  • Web-Space for hosting your web-site at our server in Dubai.
  • Support & guidance in designing, uploading & managing your web-site.
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